Red Velvet Parfait


This weekend I had a request for a  red velvet birthday cake and after trimming up the cake I had some delicious scraps begging to be repurposed. I actually served this up as the dessert for my Super Bowl gathering,  but I couldn’t help think what a perfect dessert for Valentines day.

Red Velvet Parfait’s

Lightly crumbled red velvet  from cake, cupcakes,  even a leftover slice of cake that’s been iced.

Cream cheese filling:
6 oz.  Cream cheese,  room temp
6 oz. Thawed whipped topping
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

Icing bag with star tip ( or a spoon)
Chocolate syrup for garnish
2 champagne glasses

In a mixer,  blender,  or bowl blend the  cream cheese and vanilla until no lumps are visible. Fold in the cream cheese and fill the icing bag.

To layer,  start with the cream cheese and top with cake.  Repeat and top with cream cheese and drizzle with chocolate. Chill until serving.

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