A couple of months ago, I was lucky to spend a few days learning about Bavarian cuisine. I learned quite a lot of new things, but sadly did not get the chance to taste many of the dishes we prepared. One of the things I wanted to try so badly was the Fleischsalat, German meat salad. The recipe was super easy.  I just wasn’t sure exactly how it was to be served, by itself or on a roll. The answer is both. A few weeks after getting my culture on a friend and I stopped by one of our favorite stores, a strange little place that had all kinds of weird random items for extremely great prices. It seemed to be too much of a coincidence that they had just got in a shipment of German products  including mustard and beerwurst, so of course I snagged me some. I thought this would be perfect for the Fleischsalat, and right I was.

Beerwurst is kinda like a summer sausage, only softer. And more garlicky.  It has a slight red tint to it and is seasoned with pepper, paprika and mustard seeds. Its also delicious. I decided that I would use half to make a small batch of Fleischsalat and save the rest for a meat snacker platter for a brunch later on. My beerwurst was frozen so, I just thawed it enough to cut in half, and tossed the rest back in the freezer. It kept pretty well, and will only last a week once opened in the fridge.

Fleishsalat/ German Meat Salad 6 servings 

1 lb of Beerwurst, German Bologna or a good bologna if that is all you can find

(Wunderbar is a great German bologna that is carried in most supermarket deli’s)

1 large pickle ( or 4 spears, or any diced pickle will do, about 1/2 cup)
4 tablespoons Sour Cream
A few dashes of Magi seasoning
( also available in most supermarkets)
Slice the Beerwurst length wise into thin stripes. Then cut these pieces into 3mm strips and cut in half.
Repeat the process to the pickles. ( be sure to get the juice)
Toss lightly with sour cream, throw in a splash of pickle juice if needed and a few splashes of the Maggi. Maggi is strong! If you can taste the Maggi, you have put to much!
Now you have yourself quite a tasty treat. Serve on a bed of lettuce, a beautiful crusty roll or devour straight from the bowl.

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