Me vs. The Rain


My Birthday came and went with some festivities, but not much. I usually leave hibernation and oust myself back into the outdoors this time of year but weather and sickness had me going stir crazy. I  don’t know why but I had  DuPont Forest on the brain and just like that we jumped in the car and started driving, watching the  sky grow darker the  closer we got to our destination.

Had I actually checked the weather I would have seen the  70% chance of rain, in other words the odds were NOT in our favor.  But it was only misting, and we are not wusses scared of a little water! We strolled around some and then headed  for Triple Falls, a location I had read about that very morning which hosted a scene form  the movie Hunger Games

We made the short hike to the amazing falls and  immersed ourselves into taking pictures. The river began to pick up speed, the sky  lost the last evidence of sunlight and that  harmless mist began to form into large antagonizing droplets. Did we take the cue to leave?  Of course not!  At least not until a large rumble got our attention, then  we started running like our lives depended on it. The storm released full force, soaking us just close enough to the car to really rub it in. While it wasn’t quite the scene out a romance movie, it certainly was an unforgettable moment sloshing through mud and rain and we couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. After a soggy ride home we dried off and rented the Hunger Games so we could see the falls. It was about 10 seconds of footage.

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