Scotch Eggs

Easter has always been pretty exciting in my family, especially since my sister and I share late March birthdays and usually lop everything into one celebration. This year not only was my darling niece getting old enough to make holidays magical again, my sis’s birthday fell on Easter Sunday.
I had planned on spectacularness.. but of course life just refuses to be perfect out like we plan it in our heads….and my poor niece was terribly sick. We THOUGHT it was a reaction to a shot she got the day before…but lucky us got to share in the upset tummies when her feel better kisses turned out to be contagious.
So, we didn’t get to do our first ever Easter egg dye and hunt, but it’s ok. We ate, drank, and were oh so merry. It turned out to be a warm up for me next year, and while Easter Dinner will be spread out with visiting the family, I have secured my position as head Easter egg hunt coordinator for all future Easter Saturdays.

Months before I was even thinking Easter I came across a recipe for Scotch Eggs in a magazine. I knew right then and there that I wanted to make this for Easter.  I do not recall what magazine, but recipe was a featured recipe from The recipe seemed simple, until I really got down to doing it.It was quite a pain in the butt, so upon unveiling them I warned that they were never going to be made again. I was rather unimpressed with them myself, mostly I feel like I picked boring sausage and substituted some things that may have led to lack of flavor.  We where not big fans of adding guacamole, as so possessed by an Easter idea from Wholly Guacamole. Blech.

So lessons learned. Next year will be better. Now I just have to come up with something delightful to make for Easter Egg Hunting, more kid friendly I think..and then I will over-plan the crap out of it.

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