Brought to you by the letter A and Number 2

When we were planning my niece’s second birthday party, she was being so annoying.  Here we are planning this glamorous princes themed birthday party with  tea sandwiches and crown cakes and roses and pink drinks .. and she just kept on telling me about Elmo, and how she wanted to watch Elmo and showing me her Elmo doll. Hello, we just saw Elmo a few weeks ago at sesame street live where you died of delight and your still carrying on about……..
Wow, we sure look stupid. Basically, we were throwing ourselves a party.
Once we realized that we had overlooked what the guest of honor actually we would want, we got out heads straight. Elmo it was. Your only a Google screen away when it comes to inspiration for Elmo birthday party ideas. We came up with the idea of having three “activities” for the kids to do, and of course plenty of snacking. We rented  a community building that was very reasonable, and large enough for sugar high kids to run about.
As our tiny guest arrived, we had them  head to Cookie monsters Cookie station to decorate cookies with icing packs and plain sugar cookies, with some goldfish and mini chocolate chip cookie as centerpieces and for the kids to nibble on. This bought time to set up the food and finish decorating.
While they played young Picasso, we cleaned up the cookies and got drinks ready. My sister found a punch recipe that looked like a fish bowl, but instead of making a large punch we made each child an individual cups with Nerds for gravel, Sprite with blue food coloring and Swedish fish. We called it Goldie’s punch. They LOVED it.
 The Menu ( by yours truly)
Bert’s Pigs in a blanket served with Ernie’s Favorite Dipping Sauce
Grover’s Farm fresh veggies with ranch
Big Bird’s Super Cheesy Mac and Cheese
Snuffalufagus’s favorite fruits tray
You know how life is an adventure and we learn a lesson from everything we do? Hmmm, sounds like something off of sesame street …well I tried to be frugal and use some dough mix I had on hand. Fist I used some flat bread mix, it turned out ok but it was pale looking. So, I tried some pizza dough mix. That was a disaster. Finally, I gave up and bought some store brand crescent rolls, and perfection. I cut the triangles in half to get as many as possible out it and dabbed a little egg wash on. We also used all beef franks, and they were awesome! So the moral of this story? You don’t mess with the piggies blanket.

I prepared everything at home before the party, and transported the cold items in a cooler with some ice packs and the hot stuff in another cooler I heated by setting a pan of boiling hot water in for a few minutes. The temp stayed nice and hot until I got to the party  where I just plugged my crock pot up on warm for the mac, and for the pigs in a blanket I used a Nostalgia three compartment buffet warmer that we go on clearance  few years ago. This was the first time I have used it, and if you ever have a chance to get one I highly recommend! I used the warm setting and it stayed hot without burning, which I was worried it would do.

After stuffing our faces it was present opening time, and then we sang happy birthday and brought out the cake that I made. Nothing fancy, since it’s been years since I have picked up an icing bag.
Last, but not least we plugged up “Abby’s Magical Bubble Machine”. We bought a Party Bubble Machine from Party City, which is where we bought most of the decor as well. It took about two whole seconds for the kids to swarm it. I
WARNING: the bubbles made the floor VERY slick, we had kids skidding everywhere, in hindsight I would have laid down a sheet, maybe something decorated with Abby.
All in all, I’d say Party success  Time ran perfectly for our rental, and the kids stayed busy the entire time. We sent them off with these party favors that my sis made with red bags, goolgey eyes and construction paper. They of course went wild.

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