Boys and Boats


Months ago, my boyfriend and I planned to see an inexpensive show featuring a band he liked, The Menzingers, at  the Music Farm in Charleston and making it a week long trip. Because I unexpectedly was laid off from my job,  I had to forgo some of the fun things we had planned on doing. It may have been a premonition, but we had decided to go hard core on our budget, about to get caught up when this happened. So, looking at the bills and seeing that this was something we could afford if we were wise about it, we went for it.

I used my sleuth skills and found a promo code for a Red Roof Inn in Mt. Pleasant that made our stay about $50 for their best room with a fridge and microwave, which was a necessity since we brought  food for the trip to save money. I tell you, I was scared at first after reading some of the reviews, but our room was incredible and I don’t care what we do in Charleston, this will be our hotel from here on out. The locations wasn’t to far from anything we were doing and the neighborhood was nice, even a whole foods within walking distance. Plus it was right beside  Patriot’s Point, something I had planned on showing my boyfriend anyway…and to my delight the day before we left there was a Groupon deal for admission! ( I got so many girlfriend points for that!)

Before for the show, we stopped in at Mad River Bar and Grill, a beautiful building in which I only assume used to be a church. Hmm…. a lot of that in Charleston! They had some great live music, but we came for the Truffle Potato chips. They were pretty good, even though  all I could taste was the blue cheese. We also got the ahi tuna, which was also  good, but I actually liked the slaw “garnish” the most…

After that we headed to show, a great performance from all bands, even though you could tell there was a little gloom in the air over hurricane Sandy hitting the area that a lot of the band’s are from. After a exhausting night, we hit the sack, and woke early to go play on the battle ship. Next stop…Myrtle Beach!



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