Saluda NC


Well, the Vacation is over, and try as I might to ignore it, Thursday came and took me back to the real world. Boy is it hard to get back in the swing of things when you’ve been living the life of doing what you want, when you want… on a beautiful strip of beach. So while I was mingling with my other half’s family, my own poor dad got jipped a fathers day, but our family never celebrates holidays on the right day anyway, so he’s understanding. 
Dear ol’ dad has been jonesin’ for some for  BBQ , so we headed up to Saluda NC, a little rail road city that has been described in the likes of Whistle Stop from  “Fried Green Tomato’s”. We hit up Green River BBQ first, and man oh man was it delicious! I had the house special, the Chopped Pork Plate and I choose collards, tomato pie and BBQ slaw. Everything was great! I wasn’t a huge fan of the BBQ slaw, but I tried it just to see what it was, but the tomato pie was a huge hit at our table. Its like lasagna without the noodles. And the BBQ… yummmm.
 After filling our bellies to the brim we  drove a short distance to Pearson’s Falls. The falls are actually a “botanical preserve” managed by the Tryon Garden club. There is a fee per person, and pets are not allowed, but it’s a nice area to visit. The “hike” to falls is not difficult or long, and the view is wonderful. There is not access to the falls itself, but there are plenty of spots to walk down and enjoy a little splashing…and on a hot summer day a little toe dip is certainly refreshing.
After our little adventure we headed back down to Main street, which is where all the action is. We visited the newly re-oped M.A. Pace General  Store which is not only filled with just about any kind of jarred item you can think of, but it also has tons of fascinating items like a old wedding dress, shoes, and tools. You could spend a long time in this place!
After browsing we checked out the organic market and a bakery, and I picked up a little brochure for the annual “coon dog festival” , it’s actually next weekend..and there is 5k.
(UPDATE: I actually gave my boss the brochure and he did the race. He says it was very hilly, but also very pretty.)
We made our way back to the ice cream parlor , grabbed a few milk shakes and headed across the street to the park. We got in just enough swings and slides to finish our ice cream and  just miss the rain.

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