Florida Vacation

We are on our way to sunny Florida! I have been twice before. Once to visit Epcot with my high school band, and then once on a trip to celebrate graduation with my mom and sister, hitting up one of the Disney parks ( I don’t even remember which one!) and Sea world.  I have to say, neither times did I really know what we were doing! I mean hello! We didn’t even hit the beach! Its a 9 hour drive….ughhhh! We took a little pit stop about a little more than halfway in Brunswick, Georgia at a place called Toucans.


We ordered a Guinness Burger and some Oysters. The burger was okay, but oh the oysters!  We had our’s grilled with Garlic butter, and I can truthfully say they were the best oysters I have ever had!  I mean really, we had to find a reason to drive back four hours to get these again. We asked our waitress if any festivals or events ever came to town. She said she not much happens in this little town but I might be interested in the “Stewbille” (which solved our  questions of whether this town was related to bowling or stew).She clearly did not know me,,, because after reading the details of the “Brunswick Rockin Stewbille”, I’m so on that!

We spent the first day meeting more family and hanging out for a bit. We had lunch at a place called Malibu’s Sports Bar and Grill . We hit at just the right time, Sunday Mimosas and bloody Mary specials….yum!  They had so many thing’s on the menu, it was a little overwhelming, and I was little disappointed of the the lack of Malibu inspired food, but it was cheap and you got a lot of food…so I got over it. They did have one of those humongous burgers that if you eat the whole thing you get it for free.   We split a full order of fried green tomato’s and then after re-ordering twice because they were out of things, ended up with the chicken gyro.

After that we headed out to Orlando, and checked into our wonderful Sheraton hotel. I don’t usually harp on hotels so much, but this is probably going to be our swankiest hotel visit for our trip which so far trumps the  first night at our posh Super 8 . They actually have recycling bins in each room! Plus, they had a lot of healthy options for breakfast and a rockin’ gym which I tested out…on our vacation. Go me for not slacking off.

We had to give up a few things before our last minute vacation, including a concert with the Menzingers and The Bouncing Souls in Atlanta, Georgia. When we saw they were coming to the Social  in Orlando the week we coming we were ecstatic. Luckily we had bought our tickets online, because when we arrived at the show, they were sold out. (Suckas).

All the band’s were awesome, but I was really impressed with the Menzingers live. They really are my boyfriends band, but since he had brainwashed me with there music I ended up liking them too.Though most of what I heard was the music because I claimed spots next to the right speaker. My ears are ringing like crazy and I can’t hear a damn thing. I actually made fun of a guy with earplugs calling him old… I get it now!  The social was dark and cool, and I liked it, though it was a smaller club, and I don’t know how that really was an advantage acoustically. All I know is I bounced my little butt off and had a great time. I scored the Menzingers set list and two guitar picks from the bouncing souls which is totally going into my scrap book, once I make an actual scrap book. 

Okay, so you can’t go to Florida without checking out  one of the  resort parks. Our poison of choice? Universal Studious. I mean it made sense right, we are so a movie couple. I can not believe how ridiculously expensive this place was, but so totally worth it. I mean when you have had only Six Flags and Carowinds to compare this place to, it so supremely rocks.
You almost don’t have to go into the park to have a good time, well if you don’t mind paying for parking. There’s a whole restaurant city before you even get to the ticket stand. There’s every possible choice you can imagine…Emeril, Margaritaville, Hard Rock Cafe’. It goes on and on. Yep, even the famous Burger King burger bar. I refrained with dignity.
I wish I had researched at least a little before we went, I’m almost positive that it’s cheaper to buy tickets online. Universal has now spawned into two parks. We only had the time and money for one, though try as they might to get you to go to both. No means no missy! We went with the  island of Adventure. It was awesomeness. Even waiting in line was entertaining, they had little story lines playing on TV’s so it didn’t seem like you were waiting an hour in line.
I was surprised to see there was alcohol sold, though  it shouldn’t have been. Around every corned there was someone selling something. A little tip… they honor happy hour. You just have to find out where and when. Wish we had known before purchasing a few $8 beers. Live and learn I guess.


We found quite a little gem by luck in one of those coupon books you get at rest stops for  Cocoa Beach Suites. It clean, has a little kitchen, a living room and big ol’ bedroom and it’s just one block from the beach. Sure I would love to be ocean front, but hey… I know it’s over there.  There is no pool, but there is a wonderfully bubbly hot tub that we haven’t seen another soul in the whole time we’ve been here. Really? That’t fine… we’ll take it!

I went for a run on the beach  yesterday. It was awesome.  We spent most of the morning playing in the water. We’ve been  visiting some of my man’s  friends, and it’s rained out our plans to go to Blue Springs State Park… BUT … I am reassured that we will be back. We did however have a perfect day of shrimping  and fishing with his cousin. We learned a LOT. And we used real fishing poles… apparently mine, the kind that has the little button and pre-threaded reel… is for sissies.  We were extremely lucky  because  normally at this time of the year, the shrimp thing is kinda over.
Ha ha South Carolina! Are you super jealous of our 7-11 pit stop?  Yep. Got me authentic Slurpee.
After his cuz showed us how to line up our cages, we  caught some bait. He showed us how to spot a school of fish and you basically do this thing that looks like your entering the Olympic disk throw and hopefully you get some.  After that we played the waiting game and drank a few beers. My man was the only one who caught anything out of the three of us…but I was glad at least he finally caught something in the three years we have decided to be fisherpeople. He caught a humongous sea bass…which of course I forgot to take pictures of and is being filleted as we speak, and a little baby catfish that we returned to the sea. I caught nothing. But I did see a manatee and I when it was dark a dolphin came up and did that blow thing at me…how rude! We ended up with two pounds of shrimp! Not bad for a buch of land lubbers.
Our last night we found this wonderful little surfer bar, and I could just kick myself. We have been eating at the greasy waffle house in our hotel parking lot for dinner the last two nights because by the time we came back to our hotel, everything was closed. We were frantically trying to get back before everything shut down, but at 9:00 on a wed night, your kinda screwed. Welp, being the computer savvy peoples we are, we found a restaurant that was open, and I was pretty much refusing to go  due to the horrible reviews it had. But, when I looked into those big blue eyes pleading me to spend our last night at an actual restaurant, I guess I could find it in my heart to risk food poisoning. That’s when the gods stepped in, because we pulled up there was one car in the parking lot, and turned to him and said get me the hell out of here. Then, just when all hope was lost, just when I thought waffle house had won three nights in a row… I smelled steak. 
Low and behold if heaven didn’t exist right down the road from us the entire time, right beside this crap hole we were going to attempt to eat at!
Why no one mentioned this place when we were begging for recommendations at the hotel is beyond me, but the Sandbar Sports Grill was jamin, and we walked in and fell right in love. Live music, people walking in off the beach, people walking out to the beach, and food! REAL food! The were open late and we weren’t budging! Surfing decor plastered the walls, and I felt that any moment Frankie Avalon was going to walk through the door. I could see that this place had the typical party seeking college crowd, but underneath that there was some really cool down to earth people that in that moment I belonged with.
Tonite, we feast. We ordered some the fried gator tale, that yes  really does taste like chicken no matter how cliche that is. We got a “rocket launch” pizza ( which I have already snagged a delicious bite of) and one of each of the “famous” fish tacos that we will be eating later. Right now, we are off to the beach. We’re going to go sit on a blanket, listen to the waves and pretend like this wonderful trip isn’t almost over.


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